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The 4th National Crop Seed Standardization Technical Committee Reelection and Annual Working Meeting was held in Beijing

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27 November 2023, China: Recently, the 4th National Crop Seed Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Seed Standardization Committee) re-election and annual work meeting was held in Beijing. More than 70 members of the Fourth Seed Standardization Committee and its sub-technical committees on technical regulations for original seed production, seed classification, seed packaging, storage and transportation, and seed inspection technical regulations and secretariat staff attended the meeting. Wang Yuxi, chief expert of the National Agricultural Technology Center, attended the meeting and made a work report. Responsible comrades from the Standards and Technology Management Department of the National Standardization Administration and the Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Supervision Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs attended the meeting.

The meeting summarized the results of the work of the previous stage of the Seed Standards Committee, proposed the work ideas and key tasks of the fourth Seed Standards Committee, and put forward requirements and hopes for all members; it reviewed and approved the Charter of the Technical Committee and the working rules of the Secretariat, and reviewed 12 items The standard was submitted for review, and the framework of the seed standard system was studied and discussed.

The meeting pointed out that the third Seed Standards Committee and sub-committees will focus on the key tasks of the crop seed industry and continuously strengthen the construction of the crop seed standard system. They will formulate standards system construction plans, continue to increase the effective supply of standards, and promote the publicity and implementation of key standards. The work is outstanding, the number of standards for seed quality, inspection, variety testing, seed production and processing has steadily increased, and the quality has been significantly improved, providing important support and guarantee for ensuring seed quality and safety and agricultural production safety.

The meeting emphasized that the new Seed Standards Committee should focus on the new situation and new requirements of the revitalization of the seed industry and the industrial application of biological breeding, plan ahead, take active actions, accelerate the formulation and revision of a number of standards that lead the high-quality development of the seed industry, and continuously develop and improve seeds. The standard system will play a stronger technical support role in achieving large-area yield increases of major crops and national food security.

The Seed Standardization Committee was established in 1982 and is mainly responsible for national crop seed standardization work. The secretariat is located in the National Agricultural Technology Center.

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