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Agricultural technology promotion should focus on increasing grain and oil yields and improving efficiency

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27 November 2023, China: Recently, the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center held the 2023 National Provincial Agricultural Technology (Economic Operation) Station Managers Meeting in Jinan City, Shandong Province, to summarize and exchange experience in the technology promotion of planting industry in various places in recent years, and analyze the current situation and situation faced by the technology promotion of the planting industry. Challenges, study and promote technical measures to improve large-area yields of major crops, integrate technology innovation, disaster prevention and reduction services, and deploy key work for the next step.

The meeting pointed out that in recent years, agricultural technology extension departments in various regions have focused on the important task of stabilizing food supply and have always been rooted in the front line of production, providing strong technical support to ensure a stable and safe supply of food and important agricultural products, and achieving good results. First, production capacity improvement is steadily advancing and technical support is more powerful. Focus on key tasks, release the main technologies for leading varieties, and improve the rate of key measures in place; vigorously carry out technical training and guidance services, carry out variety screening and evaluation, scientific management of water and fertilizer, and test demonstrations of green pest and disease prevention and control technologies, and strengthen the integration of technical models; regularly carry out seedling Situation monitoring, production situation analysis and technical consultation to support disaster prevention and loss reduction. Second, integrated innovation has been stepped up and technology reserves have become richer. Carry out the integration and experimental demonstration of high-yield and stable-yield technologies such as “half a ton” of wheat and corn, deep side fertilization of rice, and uniform soybean wide platforms and large ridges, and integrate a large number of agricultural machinery and agronomy such as centralized rice seedling cultivation, corn grain harvesting, and cotton mechanized picking on a large area. technology, implement measures such as film control, water control, fertilizer and pesticide conservation, and promote mechanization, simplicity, and efficient operations. Third, the system construction is continuously promoted, and the promotion and performance of duties are more efficient. All localities continue to strengthen system construction, actively explore new paths for agricultural technology extension services, and have made positive progress in institutional setup, team building, service mechanisms, and promotion tools.

The meeting emphasized that based on the key tasks of increasing the production capacity of grain and oil crops and improving the quality and efficiency of cash crops, agricultural technology extension work should focus on the goals of increasing yield, efficiency and quality, solidly carry out technology integration demonstration and guidance services, and increase the penetration rate of technology in place. , to promote technology promotion, transformation, upgrading and healthy development of the planting industry. The first is to strengthen consultation and judgment on agricultural conditions. Strengthen the monitoring of seedling conditions and disasters, go deep into the fields, master first-hand information, establish a complete dispatching system, unite relevant departments and experts, strengthen consultation on various agricultural information, put forward technical suggestions based on local conditions, and provide support for production guidance. The second is to strengthen integrated innovation demonstration. Focusing on the key tasks of building the National Agricultural Technology Integrated Innovation Center, accelerate the promotion and application of mature and efficient production models, and maximize the potential of technology through integrated technology, establishment of bases, demonstration and promotion, and formation of mechanisms. The third is to strengthen training and guidance services. Regularly organize and analyze the favorable and unfavorable factors of planting group growth and production, make timely technical suggestions and issue technical guidance. We will do a good job in field management and implement key measures such as disaster prevention and reduction, disease and pest prevention and control. Provide guidance on household registration, implement technology into practice, and effectively enhance technical support capabilities. The fourth is to strengthen publicity, guidance and mobilization. Summarize and refine a number of good technologies and good models, actively explore a number of good models and good experiences, focus on publicity and reporting on major events and typical cases of agricultural technology extension system construction, spread the positive energy of the agricultural technology extension team, and contribute to the improvement of agricultural technology Promotion work affects the creation of a good social atmosphere.

During the meeting, the unveiling ceremony of the Huanghuaihai Regional Sub-center of the National Agricultural Technology Integrated Innovation Center was held. Five provinces (regions) including Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Guangdong and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps made exchange speeches. Main persons in charge of the agricultural technology stations (centers, offices) of various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities under separate state planning and the Agricultural Technology Promotion General Station of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Tianjin Municipal and Liaoning Provincial Agricultural Development Service Centers, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Sugar Industry Development Office, Beidahuang Relevant persons in charge of the Agricultural Development Department of Nongken Group attended the meeting.

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