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On-site promotion meeting of socialized services for agricultural reclamation development was held in Anhui

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12 December 2023, ChinaFrom December 6th to 7th, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized an on-site promotion meeting for socialized services for agricultural reclamation development in Bengbu, Anhui. The meeting was jointly held with the Socialized Service Conference on Reclamation Cooperation and Development sponsored by the National Agricultural Enterprise Development Alliance and the Bengbu Municipal People’s Government. Scholars, experts, reclamation representatives and other people from all walks of life were invited to discuss the plan for socialized services for the cooperative development of reclamation and further promote ” Agricultural Reclamation Socialized Services + Local” action.

The meeting pointed out that the cooperative development of socialized services on reclamation land is a strategic need to ensure the stable and safe supply of food and important agricultural products. It is an important measure to assist rural revitalization and promote the coordinated and high-quality development of reclamation land. It is also an important step for the development and growth of reclamation land itself and embodies the responsibilities and mission of the new era. carrier platform. In recent years, especially since the launch of the “Agricultural Reclamation Socialized Services + Local” action, the socialized services for the development of agricultural reclamation have achieved positive results. The service entities have grown stronger, the service capabilities have been continuously enhanced, the service scale has expanded rapidly, the service paths have become more diversified, and the service models have become more comprehensive. Diversified, the service field extends from production services to all factors and the entire industrial chain, and has become the backbone of leading social services. According to statistics, the scale of socialized services provided by agricultural reclamation this year exceeded 100 million acres, making an important contribution to increasing grain and oil yields across the country.

The meeting pointed out that all localities should thoroughly implement the “Farm Reclamation Socialized Services + Local” action and develop implementation plans, refine key measures, carry out pilot demonstrations, encourage exploration and innovation, strengthen carrier platforms, improve service efficiency, optimize working mechanisms, and strengthen responsibilities. In terms of implementation and other aspects, we have worked hard and comprehensively promoted, and many experiences and practices have emerged that are worth summarizing and promoting, forming typical social service models such as Beidahuang Bei’an Farm Party Building Leadership and Anhui Agricultural Reclamation Dalu Village, creating a good social atmosphere for socialized agricultural reclamation services.

The meeting required that all localities and reclamation areas should focus on the key tasks of socialized agricultural reclamation services, strengthen capabilities, promote synergy, strengthen resource integration, and promote the coordinated development of diverse service entities such as agricultural service companies, farms, and agricultural industry. Focus on increasing grain and oil production in large areas, strengthen the promotion and application of technology, and improve disaster prevention and reduction capabilities, so as to produce more grain for the country and increase farmers’ income. Establish standards and build brands, explore and establish corporate standards and group standards, create a socialized service brand for agricultural reclamation, and improve the level of socialized services.

The meeting emphasized that all localities and reclamation areas must move in the same direction and work in the same direction, innovate reclamation cooperation mechanisms, improve operation and management systems, jointly build demonstration bases, jointly form expert teams, jointly build service platforms, and jointly create industrial clusters. It is necessary to anchor the overall goal of increasing grain production capacity by “10 billion kilograms” and not relax, keep a close eye on the “agricultural socialization service + local” action, focus on increasing the large-area yields of major crops such as grains and oils, make precise efforts, and promote systematically to ensure the national security Contribute to the stable and safe supply of grain and important agricultural products.

The meeting also organized representatives to visit the socialization services of Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Anhui Nongken Group and Beidahuang Nongren Group, as well as the socialization service sites of Anhui Nongken Longkang Farm and Huaiyuan County. At the meeting, representatives from 12 reclamation areas including Beidahuang Agricultural Services Group (Anhui) Co., Ltd. and local representatives from the People’s Government of Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province signed a land reclamation cooperation agreement on the spot.

Representatives from the agricultural and rural departments of various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), relevant city and county people’s governments and agricultural and rural departments, agricultural reclamation enterprises, various agricultural-related units and institutions, market entities, and new agricultural business entities attended the meeting.

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