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The level of dairy farming in my country’s agricultural reclamation system is close to that of developed countries

01 December 2023, China: Recently, the 2023 Farm Reclamation Dairy Alliance Member Conference with the theme of “Touyan Leads Green Development, Quality Promotes Healthy Consumption” was held in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. The conference released the third batch of agricultural reclamation benchmark pastures and agricultural reclamation alpine ecological pastures, and officially launched the “farm reclamation dairy industry social service activities” and the “national trend of good milk” communication actions to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the agricultural reclamation dairy industry.

The conference summarized the achievements of the farming dairy industry from five aspects. Milk production is growing rapidly. In 2022, farmland milk production will account for 14.5% of the country’s total. The number of dairy cows and milk production will reach 1.7236 million heads and 5.7023 million tons respectively, an increase of 33.8% and 46.3% respectively over 2018. The growth rate is significantly higher than the national average. The breeding level leads the country. In 2022, the improved breeding and mechanization rates of dairy farms in the agricultural reclamation system will reach 100%, and the yield of dairy cows will exceed 10 tons, approaching the level of developed countries. Milk quality leads the industry. Since 2012, the pass rate of raw milk sampling in the agricultural reclamation system has remained at 100%. Many well-known brands such as Guangming, Sanyuan, Wandashan, Yantang, Haihe, and Tianyou have won widespread trust in the hearts of consumers. Dairy breeding is at the forefront. In 2022, Nongken’s frozen semen output will exceed 3 million. Among them, Shounong Group’s cow frozen semen products account for 35% of the domestic frozen semen market, making it the first brand in the domestic frozen semen market. The service area has achieved remarkable economic results. While providing high-quality, low-price, and rich varieties of dairy products, Nongken Dairy Enterprises also actively extends the industrial chain and enhances the value chain, expands labor employment, and drives regional economic development.

This conference is guided by the Bureau of Agricultural Reclamation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, sponsored by the China Agricultural Reclamation Dairy Alliance and “China Dairy” magazine, co-sponsored by the Heilongjiang Dairy Association, supported by the Agricultural Information Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the China Agricultural Reclamation Economic Development Center, and completed by Beidahuang Co-organized by Dashan Dairy Co., Ltd., more than 400 people attended the opening ceremony of the conference.

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