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The 2023 Academic Annual Conference of the China Agricultural Risk Management Research Association was held

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30 November 2023, China: On November 26, under the guidance of the Policy and Reform Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Rural Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the 2023 Academic Annual Conference and the Third Session of the China Agricultural Risk Management Research Association was hosted by the China Agricultural Risk Management Research Association and Huazhong Agricultural University. China Agricultural Risk Management Development Forum was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

With the theme of “Ensuring National Food Security and Building a Solid Foundation for Agricultural Industry Security”, the conference focused on China’s agricultural product futures innovation, climate change and food security, risk warning and agricultural insurance, ecological security and green development for special discussions. Participants analyzed and judged the risks and challenges currently facing agriculture, discussed how to comprehensively improve the ability to prevent and resolve risks, build an agricultural risk management system to ensure food security, and lay a solid foundation for food security and agricultural industry security under the new situation.

Experts attending the meeting said that food security is the cornerstone of national security. At present, the challenges of climate change are prominent and various uncertainties are increasing. Only by ensuring a strong supply of food and important agricultural products can we have sufficient confidence and strategic initiative to stabilize the overall situation, adapt to the situation, and open up a new situation. Strong industrial resilience is an important part of building a powerful agricultural country, and strong risk resistance is the most important manifestation of strong industrial resilience. This requires implementing risk management into the entire process of agricultural production.

Participants introduced that in the new era, my country will continue to improve its agricultural risk management level by strengthening infrastructure construction, using information technology, increasing monitoring and early warning efforts, innovating insurance service methods and service content, and improving the supply of various financial hedging. Since the implementation of the agricultural insurance premium subsidy policy in 2007, my country’s agricultural insurance has developed rapidly, with premiums increasing from 846 million yuan to 121.9 billion yuan; and risk protection provided increasing from 73.3 billion yuan to 5.5 trillion yuan. In recent years, my country’s agricultural insurance industry has continued to expand coverage, products, and standards, and has continued to expand agricultural insurance coverage and protection.

Participants said that the top-level design of agricultural insurance should be continuously improved, focusing on solving issues such as catastrophe insurance, absolute deductibles, and selection mechanisms, enhancing and strengthening the status of insurance in the national disaster emergency management system, and continuing to promote the expansion of agricultural insurance coverage and products. , raise the bid. Make good use of technological empowerment, explore the application of satellite remote sensing, drones, 5G and other technologies to promote data sharing.

The meeting held the unveiling ceremony of the Hubei Sannong Insurance Innovation and Development Research Center (Huazhong Agricultural Risk Management Research Center) of the China Agricultural Risk Management Research Association, released the “2023 China Agricultural Risk Management Development Report”, and announced the annual list of outstanding papers and outstanding cases. Nearly 200 leaders, experts and scholars from relevant central departments, scientific research institutions, universities, and agricultural risk management units attended the meeting.

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