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MustGrow Announces Successful Proof-of-Concept of Non-Selective Bio-Herbicide

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12 August 2020, Saskatoon: MustGrow Biologics Corp. announces successful proof-of-concept for its proprietary biological non-selective bio-herbicide, based on MustGrow’s signature mustard-derived approach to controlling unwanted pests and diseases.

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MustGrow’s bio-herbicide internal work has focused on the pre-plant application of our natural mustard-based technology on small weeds and weed seeds. Observations showed 100% kill of weeds, killing the plant from the roots up compared to the untreated control weeds – confirming previous third-party trials. 

Natural Defence Mechanism

The length of control was recorded and has potentially demonstrated control of the weed seeds themselves. This continues to validate MustGrow’s natural science-based approach, utilizing the mustard seed’s natural defence mechanism not only as a bio-pesticide, but now also as a bio-herbicide. MustGrow is now in the process of running larger trials to reconfirm the efficacy, application rates and length of control.  The Company anticipates further trial results before the end of 2020.

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“The developing characteristics of our active ingredient as a non-selective bio-herbicide represent a key application of our remarkable natural mustard-based technology,” remarked MustGrow CEO Corey Giasson.  “We are excited to potentially provide a natural solution for not only farmers but for home and garden use as well.”

In early 2020, MustGrow completed a series of application rate tests with Canada’s National Research Council to determine the applicability of MustGrow’s natural mustard-derived technology. Using multiple application methods, herbicidal control was achieved after only 72 hours – killing the trial plants from the root up. With this supportive data, MustGrow filed patents for method-of-use and composition-of-matterclaims for a non-selective bio-herbicide. 

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MustGrow’s intellectual property suite is a platform for several crop protection categories, aiming to disrupt global agriculture markets that have traditionally been dominated by chemistry-based products.

Global Herbicides Market

According to industry intelligence group Phillips McDougall, the global herbicides market remained the dominant crop protection category in 2018, accounting for 42.7% of crop protection sales – $24.6 billion (+5.9% y/y). However, this market is expected to grow by $8.9 billion through 2023 (Source: Technavio).

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The need for bio-herbicides is increasing as farmers, consumers and regulators seek alternatives to synthetic chemical products. Moreover, the dangers associated with synthetic chemical overuse is pushing these groups to naturally-sourced bio-herbicides, which are known for safe, environmentally-sustainable and consumer-friendly profile characteristics.

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