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The development of agricultural mechanization in my country has entered the stage of “comprehensive, intelligent and green”

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20 January 2024, China: On January 14, the 2024 China Agricultural Mechanization Development Research Center Academic Annual Conference was hosted by the China Agricultural Mechanization Development Research Center of China Agricultural University and the Agricultural Mechanization Branch of the Chinese Agricultural Machinery Society, and co-organized by John Deere (China) Investment Co., Ltd. The 11th China Agricultural Mechanization Outlook Conference was held at China Agricultural University, with representatives from the Development Research Center of the State Council, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, industry associations, societies, scientific research institutes, universities and production enterprises. Experts from other units discussed the paths and strategies for the development of China’s agricultural mechanization around the theme of “compensating for weaknesses, high quality, and sustainability”.

Experts believe that General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized “the need to strengthen the two-wheel drive of science and technology and reform, and increase the intensity of research on core technologies”, pointing out the way forward for accelerating agricultural modernization and building a powerful agricultural country, and accelerating the development of agricultural mechanization is the key to promoting my country’s agricultural development. The only way to modernize and build an agricultural power.

Experts pointed out that the future development of agriculture will be “mechanization + industrialization + digitalization”, and the future agricultural scene will be green, engineering, and branded; future technology needs will focus on overall solutions, personalized customization, in line with future directions and modern technology Application; Future agricultural technology innovation presents three major paradigms: “scenario-driven + chain innovation” (demand level), “subject collaboration + subject integration” (organizational level), and “data intelligence + modern biology” (technical level).

Experts emphasized that at present, the development of agricultural mechanization in our country has entered a new stage of development of “comprehensive, intelligent, and green”. We can no longer rely solely on the research and development and improvement of mechanical equipment. All parties must collaborate to help, comprehensively plan for the system, and keep a close eye on science and technology. At the forefront, we must improve the quality of agricultural mechanization development by increasing the content of science and technology; we must adhere to the concept of modern, smart, and green development, base ourselves on national conditions, adapt measures to local conditions, learn from each other’s strengths, seize advantages, continue to invest, focus on applications, seek innovation, and integrate agricultural mechanization and informatization. Through the use of electronic and digital solutions, environmental compatibility and efficient applications must be achieved; land must be handed over to agricultural socialization service organizations in a trust manner, and small farmers and small-scale production must be integrated into large-scale modern agriculture to realize the goal of thousands of families. Specialize, standardize, and mechanize the agricultural production process of tens of thousands of households, reduce costs through intensive agricultural production and management, and improve production efficiency through large-scale social services; we must strive to solve the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development in the mechanization process, Further strengthen the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy from variety selection, cultivation management, equipment matching, and facility structure, promote key link operation equipment from scratch and from scratch to better, promote agricultural mechanization from quantitative growth to high-quality development, and provide agriculture with The construction of a powerful country injects endogenous power and provides strong support.

Experts pointed out that to solve relevant scientific and technological problems, it is necessary to deeply integrate knowledge and technology from multiple disciplines such as agriculture, engineering, science, and management. Academician Wang Maohua called on the names of relevant academic organizations in China to be in line with disciplines and international development trends. He suggested that the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery be renamed “China Agricultural Equipment and Mechanization Engineering Society” and the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering be renamed “Chinese Society of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering” “.

The conference was broadcast live online through the video account of the China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, with more than 20,000 viewers.

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