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Bayer Announces EPA Approval of Vios™ FX Herbicide

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20 January 2024, US: Bayer announced that Vios FX herbicide has been registered by the EPA. Vios FX will be an additional option in Bayer’s extensive portfolio of cereal herbicides, providing customers with greater choice and flexibility in their weed management strategies. This product is still pending approval in certain states.

Vios™ FX contains combines Group 2 (thiencarbazone-methyl) and Group 4 (fluroxypyr) active ingredients, and provides excellent control of tough weeds, including Group 1 resistant wild oats, foxtail and kochia. Vios™ FX also offers outstanding tank mix flexibility, enabling growers to further tailor their weed control to address the challenges they face, while still offering crop rotation flexibility.

“Weed resistance continues to create challenges for wheat growers.” Says Lindsey Aagesen, U.S. Marketing Segment Manager, Cereals “Vios™ FX will provide our customers with another tool in their weed management toolbox. While Huskie® Complete herbicide provides the convenience of broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf control in a single spray, Vios™ FX enables growers to customize their weed control to address the challenges they face in specific fields.”

Ian Scholer, Cereal Herbicide Product Manager at Bayer elaborates “Thiencarbazone-methyl provides excellent control on grass weeds such as wild oats and foxtail, and when combined with one of the heaviest doses of fluroxypyr available, this will enable customers to tackle even tough-to-control broadleaf weeds such as kochia.”

“But where Vios™ FX becomes really interesting,” says Rory Cranston, North American Technical Development Manager, Cereals & Pulse, “is the ability to add a wide range of tank mix options to really tailor the product to the specific challenges a grower is facing. For example, the addition of a single phenoxy, such as 2, 4-D, is going to further enhance your broadleaf control on smaller weeds, while the addition of Huskie® herbicide

is going to provide an even wider spectrum and handle the largest and toughest to control weeds.”

Performance combined with ease of use

In addition to delivering tank mix flexibility, the EC formulation helps deliver a great customer experience. Vios™ FX is easy to handle and mix, allowing for straightforward tank and boom cleanout. Bayer will also offer this new formulation in a 320 acre drum with no mixing required prior to transferring to the spray tank.

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