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UPL Introduces PREVIEW™ 2.1 SC Herbicide to Combat Resistant Weed Pressures

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10 March 2022, US: One of the biggest challenges in soybean growers’ fields is controlling pigweed species, specifically Palmer amaranth and waterhemp, which are showing resistance to many post-emergent herbicides. UPL, a global leader in sustainable agriculture solutions, is helping growers address the challenge with the introduction of PREVIEW™ 2.1 SC herbicide, a multi-mode-of-action herbicide that controls weeds early in the season and protects the crop with residual to limit the time that a second flush of weeds have to emerge.

PREVIEW 2.1 herbicide contains a unique 2:1 ratio of active ingredients metribuzin (Group 5) and sulfentrazone (Group 14) to deliver a concentrated pre-emergent or fall burndown residual herbicide with two modes of action in a convenient liquid formulation. In addition to pigweed species, PREVIEW 2.1 herbicide also provides effective control of horseweed (including resistant species), kochia, morning glory, nightshade, velvetleaf and purslane, among others.

PREVIEW 2.1 herbicide has received registration approval from the Environmental Protection Agency. There will be limited supplies of PREVIEW 2.1 herbicide in place for the 2022 growing season.

“This herbicide provides a strong foundation in weed resistance management. PREVIEW 2.1 herbicide enables growers to start their growing season with fields clean from weed pressures—a preview of what fields can look like at harvest,” says Tom Mudd, UPL Strategic Marketing Manager.

“Metribuzin is one of the most effective actives against waterhemp,” he adds. “With PREVIEW 2.1 herbicide’s extended residual and excellent crop safety record, it will become growers’ top-tier choice in soybean herbicides.”

Featuring a novel suspension concentrated (SC) formulation technology from UPL, PREVIEW 2.1 herbicide will maintain its product stability until it reaches the sprayer tank, where it becomes an excellent tank mix partner with other herbicides and additives. PREVIEW 2.1 herbicide can be used to treat conventional and traited soybean acres.

Unique Weed Control Solutions
“In the fight against resistant weeds, pre-emergent residual herbicides such as PREVIEW 2.1 herbicide play an important role in preventing further instances of weed resistance to herbicides,” Mudd says. “There are no silver bullets in weed control. We need creative tools at every stage of the crop cycle. PREVIEW 2.1 herbicide will enable growers to control weeds before they emerge, offers excellent crop safety and lessens the agriculture industry’s reliance on post-emergence herbicides to battle resistant weed populations.”

Development of this herbicide is the latest example of UPL’s OpenAg purpose to bring unique and purposeful solutions to meet growers’ needs.

“Through our OpenAg purpose, UPL is listening—to growers, retailers, university researchers and all stakeholders—and, in turn, collaborating to deliver innovative solutions that address specific challenges of growers to help them thrive,” says Craig Brekkas, UPL Head of North America. “Through OpenCollaboration and OpenInnovation, we are doing business differently, and bringing unique, sustainable solutions to growers when and where they need it the most.”

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