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A promising start for Syngenta wheat varieties in official trials results

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24 August 2021, UK: The first Recommended List Harvest Results have been published on the AHDB website which share the results from three treated trials, each from the Eastern region (Lincolnshire + North Yorkshire).

Although there are limited results available, the yields look promising, with the average of the control varieties just outyielding the 5-year average. However, these trials were cut in good time and the recent unsettled weather is likely to mean some trials will be cut beyond the ideal date.

SY INSITOR is the highest yielding Recommended variety based on the available data, sitting at 106.1% of controls. GLEAM continues to demonstrate its resilience, delivering 104.1% of controls and GRAHAM is performing as expected in the East and delivered high untreated yields under high yellow rust pressure, demonstrating its robust disease resistance profile.

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The five-year (2017–21) average is a strong measure of variety performance and we believe there is value in selecting varieties with proven on farm performance such as favourites GLEAM, GRAHAM and SY INSITOR, which has been the highest yielding hard group 4 on the last two Recommended Lists and is continuing to perform very well this year.

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