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Official Harvest Results: Wheat Update

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23 August 2022, UK: The AHDB have released new data (22nd August) which now has data from 11 sites, covering a more representative range of the country. This is only one third of the expected sites but is starting to give strong indications of variety performance this year.

As we have seen on farm this season, the average yield of control varieties in these trials stands at 12.57 t/ha, 1.53 t/ha ahead of the five-year average (11.04 t/ha). Marketing Manager, Kathryn Hamlen, says

“it is fantastic to see the tried and tested varieties from Syngenta continuing to deliver both on farm and in official trials.”

Currently, SY INSITOR (105%), GLEAM and GRAHAM (104%) are 3 of the 4 top yielding varieties which are currently listed on the Recommended List. All three varieties have shown consistently high performance across the sites with every single result 100% or above.

SY INSITOR is once again showing very strong performance on shallow and light land sites. A great example of this is the Scottish Borders site, which is a light, sandy soil where SY INSITOR has come in at number 1 at 110% of control means.

GLEAM is currently the highest yielding control variety and is demonstrating fantastic consistency across the sites. GLEAM was the highest yielding variety at the Kent trial. The results show GLEAM performing just ahead of its 5-year average and shows how it is still an extremely competitive variety.

GRAHAM is having a fantastic year and remains a banker variety. As ever it has performed exceptionally in the West, delivering 109% at the Cornish site. GRAHAM remains a very attractive option on farm combining high and consistent yield potential and attractive agronomics to mitigate on farm risks.

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