Seed Industry

The future begins with a seed

24 August 2021, UK: Planting a seeds is much more than waiting for it to grow. It is creating life, growing roots, transforming lands, and establishing a community. The future begins with a seed.

Our commitment to farmers through modern science is no surprise. It’s our tagline. Today we’re excited to announce, as part of that commitment, and our next step on a longer journey — we’ve officially launched our new brand identity.

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Starting today, you’ll see our new brand—including a new logo, color palette and more—represented across our key marketing channels. Our revised logo and design focuses on our key differentiator – the hand grabbing the seed., the circle denotes ongoing dynamism, movement, and transformation. Proud as we are of our rich history and deep roots, we are retaining the claim “Modern Science, Traditional Values.” These changes help reflect who we are as a company and better align ourselves with the value we provide to the world. You’ll continue to see updates to our different channels roll out over time.

Bhupen, Global CEO, Advanta Seeds

“Every good crop starts with quality seeds. For decades Advanta has delivered high quality seeds to farmers while adapting to an ever-changing environment.

We have grown, evolved, and innovated, and so has our brand. Through this new identity we want to capture Advanta’s journey and what it stands for today.

Innovative, fast-growing, OpenAg™, unified across the globe, and a sustainable agriculture company. We are accelerating to meet farmers needs and make a positive impact on the society and environment, and our new brand reflects this passion.”