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Winter malting barley harvest update

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04 August 2022, UK: After a quick start to the winter barley harvest particularly in the East of England, the harvest results from AHDB Recommended List trials are building a nice picture of yields across the UK.

The trial mean across all varieties is currently 10.08t/ha after 8 trials have been harvested, an increase over last year’s mean of 9.37t/ha (across 19 trials). 

The two winter malting barley varieties, Craft and Electrum from Syngenta, have followed this trend along with the feeds, with both quality varieties showing an increase yield in tons per hectare over harvest 2021.

AHDB RL harvest results (2021)AHDB RL harvest results: 2022 (as of July 27th 2022)
CRAFT8.90 t/ha8.92 t/ha
ELECTRUM9.01 t/ha9.22 t/ha
AHDB RL harvest results

Quality premiums are being offered on both these winter malting barley varieties. Craft is still the most widespread variety, taken by all major maltsters in England. 

Craft was the winter malting barley variety that was purchased the most by English maltsters from harvest 2021 and continues to be popular due to its fantastic grain quality and consistency. 

Electrum is growing in popularity as a partner to Craft in the main brewing segment of the UK market.  Its very early maturity means it has been one of the first varieties to harvest this year which makes it an excellent rotational tool and preserves quality in wetter harvest seasons.

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