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Vietnam: Every year, a thousand changes in SPS measures are made

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07 June 2022, Vietnam: The EU and China markets continuously issue new regulations, making it difficult for enterprises to export agricultural products.

SPS measures are constantly changing

Dr. Ngo Xuan Nam, Deputy Director of Vietnam SPS Office, said, “Over the past 15 years, Vietnam has had many changes, especially in the field of agro-product exports to major markets such as the EU, the USA, and the China market.

Particularly in the last three years, the requirements and regulations on food safety, disease safety as well as regulations on origin, packaging, labels, and product quality have always received keen attention and strict management.

Vietnam SPS Office organized a training session, and visited a model of hydroponic vegetables for export in Truong Phuc Farm Company Limited (Lac Duong district, Lam Dong).

“According to statistics from Vietnam SPS Office, every year WTO member countries announce approximately 1,000 changes in sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures. The office receives hundreds of information about these changes. Therefore, when we produce to meet the market demand, we need to read the signs of the market. We have to know where they are making the changes. This is a very important matter,” said Dr. Nam.

Support businesses by providing official information

To solve matters, Vietnam SPS Office has gathered speakers, experts, and research institutes to update and provide information. Enterprises’ problems such as production organization, factory, farm, and printing product codes according to regulations have also been updated and disseminated.

oncerning planting area codes and pesticides, the SPS Office also received news from producers and businesses, worked with local authorities, exchanged information with foreign regulatory agencies, and responded to the questions of manufacturers and businesses.

“Vietnam SPS Office recommends that businesses acquire information about food safety measures as well as animal and plant diseases from official sources,” Dr. Ngo Xuan Nam said.

SPS measures are currently mandatory and only the negotiating government agency is the official source of information. According to WTO regulations, each country entering WTO will have to establish a focal point for SPS information. In the case of Vietnam, it is the Vietnam SPS Office. Therefore, businesses must pay attention to avoid unchecked information.

“We will soon submit to the Prime Minister the Scheme “Improving free trade agreements implementation capacity” and ask for approval. The scheme’s contents include building the SPS information portal and strengthening the SPS system. This will help localities collect information more easily – an innovation to update market information,” said Dr. Ngo Xuan Nam.

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