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Hybrid barley topping harvest results

27 August 2021UK: There are 17 winter barley harvest results published on the AHDB website with the hybrid barley varieties continuing to lead the feed market with their very high yields.  Hybrid barley varieties take the top 7 yield positions from harvest 2021, and all 8 are in the top 10.  

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Added to the Recommended List last year, SY Thunderbolt storms to the top spot over a 5-year average yielding 107% of controls, with newcomer SY Canyon, a candidate variety, coming a close second with 106%. 

On a 5 year average these two varieties share the top spot both with 108% control means.  To add to this incredible yield, SY Canyon also brings the second highest specific weight in 2021, beaten only by KWS Cassia, showing the improvement in grain quality we now come to expect from hybrid barley.

Consistency is a theme with hybrid barley, with SY Kingsbarn ranking third in both 2021 and over the 5-year average. It is this consistency that makes it a reliable favourite on farm.

2017-2021 Yield averageRank2021 YieldRank
SY Thunderbolt107%1108%=1
SY Canyon106%2108%=1
SY Kingsbarn106%3107%3

Hybrid barley candidate variety, SY Javelin, is also performing well, yielding in the top 5 varieties for 2021. In addition to yield, SY Javelin has other key attributes which include early maturity allowing for earlier harvest in difficult seasons and very high resistance to Rhynchosporium, which will be an asset in high pressure situations.