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CAAS Promotes China ROK Japan Cooperation on Smart Agriculture

29 October 2021, China: The First China ROK Japan Symposium on Smart Agriculture, featuring both online and offline events, was held in Nanjing on Oct. 19. The symposium was cohosted by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and the Rural Development Administration of South Korea (RDA). The University of Tokyo assisted in organizing the symposium. Sun Tan, Vice President of CAAS, Kim Dooho, Deputy Administrator of RDA, Woo Man Soo, Agriculture Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea (ROK) in China, Tsutsumi Nobuhiro, Dean of the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences of the University of Tokyo, and Mikami Yoshiyuki, Agriculture Counselor of the Embassy of Japan in China, attended the symposium and delivered remarks.

During the symposium, participants from China, the ROK, and Japan held academic talks in key areas such as the digitalization of agriculture, agricultural robots, and artificial intelligence, and conducted roadshows for smart agricultural robots and visual perception technology. The symposium serves as a platform for the three countries to have S&T exchange and cooperation in the field of smart agriculture.

President Sun pointed out that smart agriculture is a future cutting-edge technology for improving the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production and ensuring the food supply. He suggested that as major economies and smart manufacturing powers in East Asia, China, the ROK, and Japan should deepen cooperation in smart agriculture, and work together to become pacesetters for smart agricultural technology, so as to contribute to the high-quality agricultural development and rural revitalization of the three countries.

Counselor Woo said that the symposium will propel trilateral cooperation in agriculture, and guide smart agricultural transformation in the three countries. Counselor Mikami said that the symposium was a positive step forward after the 3rd China–Japan–ROK Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting, and offered an important opportunity for the three countries to boost agricultural cooperation.

More than 200 representatives from research institutes in China, the ROK, and Japan attended the symposium. After the symposium, Sun met with the agriculture counselors of the ROK and Japan, respectively. (Correspondent: Zhang Shuang)