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The High Value of Using Multiple Modes of Action Post Harvest

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13 September 2022, Canada: Concluding harvest and preparing for winter is an incredibly busy time on most farms. Preparation for the following year remains a priority for most growers after this year’s crop is in the bin. A post harvest herbicide application can be a great way to start planning for the next season. 

Let’s explore some key steps to take in preparing for the upcoming year. 

1. Utilize products that have limitations in crop

Targeting challenging weeds like kochia with an effective active ingredient that has activity on the weeds being targeted helps delay herbicide resistance, while a product with some residual can be effective at keeping fields clean into the spring.

Disha 480 Herbicide is an excellent fall option for fields getting seeded to cereals. Growers can use the herbicide to avoid some common in-season challenges, including off target drift and in crop staging limitations.

FBN Direct® carries numerous herbicides that can serve as helpful post harvest options to control a number of challenging weeds.

2. Diversify your herbicide rotation

To mitigate the risk of potentially developing herbicide resistant weeds, it is important to utilize multiple herbicide groups. 

By providing active ingredients from herbicide groups 4 and 9, a tank mix with both Disha 480 and Smoke 540 Glyphosate can help manage herbicide resistance and offer extended weed control into next spring. It will also complement Smoke® 540 glyphosate alone, providing greater control on some harder to kill weeds.

It is never too early to start planning for the following season, especially when utilizing herbicides that contain cropping restrictions. With a number of different products available for shipment directly to your farm, FBN is ready to support your operation.

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