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China’s agricultural and rural development achievements sparked heated discussions at the 2023 “Understanding China” international conference

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05 December 2023, ChinaFrom December 1st to 3rd, the 2023 “Understanding China” International Conference was held in Guangzhou. This conference covers important themes such as Chinese-style modernization and the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, high-quality development of the Chinese economy and high-level opening up to the outside world. In a series of sub-forums, guests participated in exchanges focusing on rural ecological industry development, medical services, international agricultural cooperation and other aspects, comprehensively demonstrating China’s agricultural and rural development achievements and building consensus on development.

Ecological civilization construction empowers rural revitalization. “Currently, my country’s urban agriculture, leisure agriculture, rural tourism, forest health care and other industries are developing rapidly.” Chen Cungen, president of the China Federation of Social Work and former deputy secretary of the China State Organs Working Committee, said that my country adheres to the integration of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand. We should organically integrate water and soil erosion control with the development of ecological agriculture, improvement of human settlements, and implementation of rural revitalization to promote high-quality rural economic and social development.

Healthy poverty alleviation has achieved remarkable results. Liu Junwen, Director of the China International Poverty Alleviation Center, summarized the achievements of health poverty alleviation work since the fight against poverty: China has implemented precise policies based on household and human diseases, organized and mobilized more than 800,000 grassroots health workers across the country, and comprehensively understood the causes of illness among the rural poor. According to the situation, classified treatment for serious and chronic diseases has been implemented, and more than 20 million poor patients have received targeted treatment. The gap in medical service capabilities between urban and rural areas continues to narrow, and common diseases and chronic diseases can be diagnosed and treated in time in county, township and village medical and health institutions.

Agricultural brand building and international cooperation continue to develop and grow. Zhang Ping, vice president of the China Quality Agricultural Products Development Service Association, said that China has organized and held the “International Symposium on Brand Agriculture Development” for 10 consecutive years, creating multiple international agricultural industry exchange platforms and brand promotion platforms; strengthening and jointly building the “One Belt and One Belt” Cooperating with countries along the way, we have organized groups to participate in more than 30 international agricultural exhibitions in Asia, Europe and other regions for many years, promoting regional public brands of my country’s agricultural products and high-quality agricultural products, and promoting strategic cooperation in the agricultural industry at home and abroad.

“China is one of our most important aid countries and our most important development partner.” Former Vanuatu Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau expressed concern about China’s assistance in infrastructure construction such as agriculture, oceans and blue economy. Expressed gratitude and called for strengthening cooperation among developing countries to jointly address global challenges.

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