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Outbreak of leaf-eating caterpillars seen in soybean crop

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20 July 2023, New Delhi: Indian Institute of Soybean Research – Indore has advised the farmers to protect the soybean crop from the attack of leaf-eating caterpillars. 

Prevention from leaf-eating caterpillars in soybean-

Where there is a simultaneous infestation of leaf-eating caterpillars (semi looper/tobacco/gram caterpillar) and sap-sucking insects like white fly/jassids and stem borer (stem fly/circle beetle), pre-mixed insecticides like chlorantraniliprole 09.30 + Lambda Cyhalothrin 09.50% ZC OR Thiamethoxam 12.60%+Lambda Cyhalothrin 09.50% Z.C. (125 ml./ha.) or Betacyfluthrin+Imidacloprid (350 ml./ha.) Spray.

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