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Outbreak of yellow mosaic seen in soybean crop

20 July 2023, New Delhi: Indian Institute of Soybean Research – Indore has advised the farmers to protect the soybean crop from the outbreak of yellow mosaic disease which has been seen at many locations across Madhya Pradesh. 

Prevention of yellow mosaic disease in soybean – 

The yellow mosaic disease is reported to have started in some areas, therefore, to control this disease, it is advised to immediately uproot the diseased plants from the field and spray premixed insecticides Thiamethoxam + Lambda Cyhalothrin (125ml/ha) or Betacyfluthrin+Imidacloprid (350ml/ha) to prevent whitefly, the vector of these diseases. Stem flies can also be controlled by spraying them. It is also advised that for the control of white fly, the farmers should put yellow sticky traps at different places in their fields. 

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