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Weed control and inter-cultivation for Sorghum in Kharif

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07 January 2023, New Delhi: Keep the crop free from weeds at the initial growth stage for about 35 days. Spray atrazine @ 0.5 kg a.i./ ha immediately after sowing within 48 h to control weeds. One hand weeding at 20 DAS and inter-cultivation two times at 21 and 40 DAS should be done.

Striga can be controlled by hand pulling when the population is less, otherwise spray sodium salt of 2,4-D@ 1.0 kg a.i./ha, if infested. Two times inter- cultivation with a blade hoe at 3 and 5 weeks after germination, will help to keep good soil aeration, control weeds, and conserve moisture.


Sorghum intercropped with pigeon pea, green gram, soybean, and sunflower is found beneficial and recommended. Sorghum and pigeon pea are to be sown in a 2:1 row ratio without additional fertilizers. Medium to short-duration sorghum genotypes like CSH 16, CSH 25, and CSH 35 are suitable. In intercropping, spraying of weedicide/ herbicide is not recommended. Sorghum and fodder cowpea in a 2:2-row ratio provides green fodder, helps to improve soil fertility, and checks weed growth.

Sequence cropping

After Kharif sorghum, a sequence crop like chickpea, safflower, and mustard during rabi season is found more suitable in most situations. These sequence croppings are found more profitable in areas that receive rainfall above 700 mm and have good moisture retention capacity like medium to deep black soils.

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