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Central Institute for Cotton Research issued advice on weed control for American Cotton

10 July 2023, New Delhi: Central Institute for Cotton Research- Sirsa, Haryana has issued an advisory to the farmers to get higher yields of American cotton crops. With this advice, the institute has informed American cotton farmers about the use of weed control to protect the cotton crop from weeds.

Points to be noted in cotton weed management- 

Weeding should be done two to three times in the crop as per requirement. Spray 2.5 liters of Pendimethalin 30 EC in 500 liters of water per hectare within 24 hours of sowing.

For grasses and broad-leaf weeds, spray Pyrithiobac sodium 6% + Quezalofop ethyl 4% @ 1,250 ml/ha dissolved in 375 liters of water in moist soil after first irrigation.

Spray nondescript herbicides like Paraquat 24 SL @ 1,250 ml or Glufosinate ammonium 13.5 SL @ 2,250 ml per hectare in 250 liters of water (using a protective hood).

Keep the fields, meadows, and water channels clean and weed-free, as these weeds promote sap-sucking insects, especially whitefly and leaf curl.

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