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Recommended fertilizer dose for soybean by the Indian Institute of Soybean Research (IISR)

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10 July 2023, New Delhi: Indian Institute of Soybean Research – Indore has advised soybean farmers on essential fertilizer management in soybean crops. It is recommended to supply essential nutrients 25:60:40:20 kg/ha Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash, and Sulfur for soybean crop at the time of sowing. For this one of these below mentioned sources of fertilizers can be selected for one hectare.

1. Urea 56 kg + 375-400 kg Single Super Phosphate and 67 kg Muriate of potash or

2. DAP 125 kg + 67 kg Muriate of Potash + 25 kg/ha Bentonite Sulfur or

3. Compound Fertilizer 12:32:16 @ 200 kg + 25 kg/ha Bentonite Sulphur.

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