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Farmer Story: Guava worth Rs 13 lakh harvested from 5 acre plantation

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15 January 2022, Khargone: Guava worth Rs 13 lakh were harvested from a 5-acre orchard in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district. Minister of State for Horticulture and NVDA, Bharat Singh Kushwaha visited the plantation in Khargone district last week. Nitin Patidar, who owns the orchard told the Minister about the cultivation of organic guava.

Useful spraying during new moon and full moon

Nitin told the Minister that he uses decomposed organic manure, Jeevamrut for spraying and use of cow dung and vermicompost as manure. Sunn hemp has been taken for inter cultivation between guava trees. When sunn hemp grows upto 3-4 feet, it is harvested and then decomposed and used as manure for guava. Nitin also told that to control pests, spraying of decomposer and Jeevamrut is done on every new moon and full moon through spray.

Good demand in Delhi and Ayodhya

Minister of State Kushwaha inquired out of curiosity that where are these guavas sold? Nitin said that apart from Delhi and Ayodhya, Gwalior and Indore are also covered from here. From this five-acre orchard, he has sold guava worth Rs 12 to 13 lakh this year. The packaging is done on the field itself. This year, the produce is being sold at about Rs. 40-55 per kg. At present, about 1 lakh 40 thousand fruits are ready to be harvested from the plantation.

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