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Muskmelon farmer harvests 1.5 lakh profit per acre

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03 June 2021, Khargone: Farmers from Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh have been aggressive in taking out profits even during the lockdown. 
Keshav Chauhan of Barud, keeping in mind the conditions of last year lockdown, decided to plant Dhariwali Batti, a native variety of muskmelon in his 12 acres of land. The fruit is doesn’t perish easily and is good for long distance transportation. The experience of the last lockdown has worked for him this year. He is not completely debt free from the cost of cultivation but is satisfied. He has sold about 90 quintals of local muskmelon variety he planted in the market so far by harvesting twice from a crop area of 2.50 acres. 

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He expects a few more harvests from the same cropped area. During last years, he sold the crop in Bhopal Mandi (market). According to him, the melon crop gave him a profit of about 1.50 lakh per acre.

Keshav has a degree in M.Sc. Agronomy and has worked in seed company for about 15 years. He wanted to utilised his work experience along with his education background and ventured into modern farming on his own farmland. There was a time when he used to sell private company seeds in Gujarat, but the distinct joy of working on his own farm encourages him.

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