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Use of Dhanuka’s Dabooch in Soyabean

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11 September 2022, New Delhi: Dhanuka’s Dabooch is a pre-emergent weed killer/herbicide used within 3 days of sowing in soybean crop. It controls broad leaf weeds in soybeans and inhibits the growth of grasses and sedges.

Mode of Action

Dabooch inhibits the aceto lactate synthase enzyme (ALS) in weeds. Also inhibits protein synthesis and controls weeds.

Use of Daboch in Soybean

It can be used to control Cyperus spp., Camelina benghalensis, Euphorbia geniculata, Digera arvensis, Achilles spp., Echinocloa colona.

The recommended dosage of Dabooch for soybean is 12.4 grams per acre.

Use of Dabooch in Groundnut

It can be used to control Amaranthus viridis, Parthenium hysterophorus, Trianthema sp., Euphorbia geniculate, Cyperus spp., Echinocloa colona.

The recommended dosage of Dabooch for groundnut is 12.4 grams per acre.

Pack Size 

Dabooch comes in a pack of 12.4 gm.

Features and benefits of Dabooch

Weed control from day one: Control weeds before they come out of the soil surface, which does not cause any damage to the crop.

Simultaneous Spraying and Sowing: Dabooch provides hassle free weed control where sowing and herbicide application can be accomplished in a single time frame leading to cost savings.

Dabooch spray time is not dependent on rain, however, its performance is improved by normal rain followed by spray. Safe for soybeans and subsequent crops.

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