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Herbicide dependence not enough for Weed Control in DSR

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Sole Dependence on herbicides is not enough for Weed Control in Direct Seeded Rice

18th May 2020, Ludhiana: Punjab Agriculture University has been issuing regular advisories for the farmers doing Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) in the current season. They have asked the farmers to proceed with caution. Direct seeded rice (DSR) is considered relatively more prone to weed infestation as compared to transplanted rice.

Cultural practices to manage weed infestation

Experts have urged farmers to follow all recommended practices. These allow easier management of weeds in DSR as compared to transplanted crop. Contrary to popular belief, chemicals (herbicides) are not the only long term solution to manage weeds. The role of cultural practices is as important as herbicides, warn university scientists.

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Chemical Control

In DSR, herbicides are sprayed at sowing and in standing rice crop. At sowing, pendimethalin at 1.0 litre/acre is sprayed in 200 litres of water, using flat fan (kat wali or flood jet (tak wali) nozzle.

In case of tar-wattar (good soil moisture) DSR, spray is done immediately after sowing and, in case of dry DSR, when it is easy to walk in the field. This herbicide controls grass weeds like swank, madhana, makra, chini gha, takri gha and small seeded broadleaf weeds like itsit, chulai etc.

Afterward, weeds can be controlled by hand weeding or by application of post-emergence herbicide, depending on weed flora present in the field.

Use bispyribac sodium at 100 ml/acre for control of swank and paddy motha; use fenoxaprop-p-ethyl at 400 ml/acre for madhana, leptochloa (chini gha), chiri gha and takri gha; use chlorimuron ethyl + metsulfuron methyl at 8 g/acre for paddy motha including gandi wala motha/dila and broadleaf weeds in 150 litres water. Always spray post herbicides in moist field, using flat fan nozzle. 

The adoption of above cited cultural practices, along with the use of right herbicide at the right time using the right method, makes weed management easier in direct seeded rice also. 

(Technical Source: PAU, Ludhiana)

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