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How to keep soybean crop weed free for 50-60 days

20 July 2023, New Delhi: Indian Institute of Soybean Research – Indore has advised the farmers to protect the soybean crop from weeds and keep the crop weed free for 50-60 days.  

Protection of soybean crop from weeds –

It is necessary to keep soybean crop weed free for 50-60 days. For this, various methods (hand weeding, use of Dora/Kulpa/weedicides useful in standing crop (List-1)) can be used. For this, weeding twice by hand (in 20 and 40 days crop) or spraying Dora/Kulpa or recommended weedicides for 25 days as per convenience. In case of continuous rains, if Dora/Kulpa/tractor driven Dora or Boom in the field If it is not possible to use spray, spraying can be done by standing the jet tractor on the med/road with a long pipe attached to it.

List of herbicides useful in standing soybean crop-  

10-12 days after sowing – Chlorimuran Ethyl 25 W.P. +Surfactant 36 g (Broad Leaf)

Useful 15-20 days after sowing – Imazethapyr 10 SL.(1.00 L.), (Broad leaf and grasses), Imazethapyr 70% w. G+Surfactant (100g) (Broad Leaf & Grass), Quizalofap Ethyl 5EC(0.75-1.00L), Quizalofap-P-Ethyl 10EC(375-450ML), Fenaxofap-P-Ethyl 9EC(1.11L), Quizalofap-P-Tefuril 4.41 EC(0.75- 1.00 L), Fluazifop-P-Butyl 13.4 EC(1-2 L), Helaxifop R-Methyl 10.5 EC( 1-1.25 L), Propaquizafop 10 EC(0.5-0.75 L), Flumuthiacet Methyl (All Herbs) 10.3 E.C. (125 ml), (broad leaf) Clethodium 25 EC (0.5 -0.70 liters) (herbaceous).

Pre-mixed herbicide (useful 15 -20 days after sowing)- Fluazifop-p-Butyl + Fomasafen (1.0L), Imazethapyr + Imazamox (100g), Propaquizafop + Imazethapyr (2.0L), Sodium Aceflorafen+ Clodinafap Propargyl (1 L), Fomasafen + Quezalofap Ethyl (1.5 L), Quezalofap Ethyl + Chlory Meuran Ethyl + Surfactant (375 ml+36 g) (All broad leaf and grassy).

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