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Weed control in soybean crop 10 to 20 days after sowing

12 July 2022, Bhopal: Variation has been observed in the sowing dates this year in the areas under soybean cultivation. Soybean has been sown at about 20-25 days in some areas, 10-15 days in a few while some areas have reported sowing of crop in last week. Therefore, in the above situation, it is advisable for soybean farmers to adopt the shared advisory as per the Indian Soybean Research Institute, Indore.

1. For weed control in soybean, according to preference, use one of the chemical weedicides useful in hand weeding / dora / kulpa / standing crop. See table for list of recommended weedicides for soybean crop.

2. Farmers who have sprayed useful weedicides before sowing or immediately after sowing, they should run Dora/Kulpa after 30-20 days of harvest.

3. Due to the variation in sowing dates, there is a possibility of pest infestation for a long time, so spray insecticides safely. It is advised to apply Chlorintraniliprol 18.5 sc in soybean crop before flowering for protection from leaf-eating insects. (150 ml/ha) spray. This will provide protection from leaf-eating insects for the next 30 days.

4. Those who have not yet used useful weedicides before sowing or immediately after sowing, it is advisable to spray with any one of the following weedicides and insecticides found to be compatible with the recommended insecticides.-

(1) Insecticide: Chlorintraniliprole 18.5 sc. (150 ml/ha) or quinalphos 25 EC (1 L/ha) or indoxacarb 15.8 sc (333 ml/ha).

(2) Weedicide: Imazethapyr 10 SL (1 L/ha) or Quezalofop Ethyl 5 EC (1 L/ha).

5. In some areas, signs of stem fly infestation have been observed in soybean crop. For its control, it is recommended that Thiomethoxam 12.60% + Lambda Cyhalothrin 09.50% ZC. (125 ml/ha) spray.

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List of recommended weedicides for soybean crop

NoType of weedicideChemical NameQuantity (per ha)
1Pre Plant Incorporation (PPI)Pendimethalin + Imazethapyr2.5-3 l
2Pre-emergence (PE)Diclosulum 84 WDG26-30 g
Sulfentrazone 39.6 SC750 g
Chlomozone 50 EC1.5-2.00 l
Pendimethalin 30 EC2.5-3.3 l
Pendimethalin 38.7 CS1.5 – 1.75 kg
Flumioxazin 50 SC250 ml
Metribuzin 70WP0.75- 1 kg
Sulfentrazone  + Clomazone1250 ml
Pyroxasulfone 85 WG150 g
Metolachlor 50 EC2.0 l
3Post emergence (10-12 DAS)Chlorimuron Ethyl 25% WP + Surfactant36 g
Bentazone 48 SL2.0 l
Post emergence (15-20 DAS)Imazethapyr10 SL+ Surfactant1.00 l
Imazethapyr 70% WG + Surfactant100 g
Quizalofop-ethyl 5 EC0.75-1.00 l
Quizalofop-p-ethyl 10 EC375-450 ml
Fenoxaprop-p- ethyl 9.3 EC1.11 l
Quizalofop -p-tefuryl 4.41 EC0.75-1.00 l
Fluazifop-p-butyl 13.4% EC1 -2 l
Haloxyfop R Methyl 10.5 EC1-1.25 l
Propaquizafop 10 EC0.5-0.75 l
Fluthiacet methyl 10.3 EC125 ml
Clethodim 25 EC0.5-0.75 l
POE   Pre-mix   formulations (15-20 DAS)Fluazifop-p-butyl + Fomesafen1 l
Imazethapyr  + Imazamox100 g
Propaquizafop + Imazethapyer2.0 l
Sodium Aceflourofen + ClodinafopPropargyl1.0 l
Fomesafen + Quizalofop ethyl1.5 l
Quizalofop  Ethyl  10%  EC  +  Chlorimuron Ethyl 25% WP + Surfactant (0.2)(Herbicide) (Twin pack)375 ml+36g+0.2%
List of recommended weedicides for soybean crop