Crop Protection

PI Industries launches new product Disruptor for Paddy Crop

20 February 2022, Vijaywada: Agrochemical manufacturer PI Industries Ltd launched its new product ‘Disruptor’ for paddy crop in Andhra Pradesh. Disruptor (Technical: Dinotefuran + Pymetrozine) is a pesticide which works effectively against brown plant hopper (BPH) in paddy crop.

PI Industries CEO Prashant Hegde along with marketing head Dushyant Sood and production head Kishore Nagarkar launched the product.

Mr. Prashant mentioned, “Disruptor is a unique and innovative product that will effectively prevent BPH in paddy crop. It has been widely tested across various places in Andhra Pradesh.

The company plans to launch the product in the neighbouring state of Karnataka followed by launch in eastern states of India where paddy crop covers a substantial acreage.