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Advisory for cotton farmers of Madhya Pradesh (21 to 51 days)

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23 July 2022, New Delhi: ICAR’s Central Institute of Cotton Research has released advisory for cotton farmers of Madhya Pradesh for crop stage between 21 to 51 days.

At Khandwa, the crop is 21 to 52 days at vegetative stage. Fields are infested with weeds Spot weeding, gap filling and thinning in areas where crop has already been sown was taken up. Weeding with bullock drawn Kolpa done in one-month old crop. However, field operations were hampered during the week because of continuous rains. No incidence of insects, pests and diseases.


At Khandwa, farmers are advised to do spot weeding in areas where weeds are observed. Weeds should be controlled using bullock drawn Kolpa or hand hoe. Apply fertilizer @ 150 kg N, 75 kg P and 40 kg K/ha with 15% N to one-month old crop. Fertilizer should be applied by column method after digging a hole of 22 to 30 cm. deep near individual plant so that maximum quantity of fertilizer could be absorbed by the plant and increase the efficacy of applied fertilizers.

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