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Recommendations from PAU for Direct Seeded Rice

5th May 2020, Ludhiana: As a part of its ongoing efforts to promote direct seeded rice for the forthcoming kharif season, experts of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) shared their recommendations.

This may help the intermediaries, agri-input companies and field extension workers for successful transfer of technology.

Suitable soils: Direct seeding is suitable for medium and heavy textured soils only. Do not go for direct seeding in light textured soils.

Field preparation: Level the field with laser land leveler and apply pre-sowing (rauni) irrigation. When it comes to tar-wattar condition with two cultivations (with cultivator) followed by two planking, sow immediately.

Suitable varieties and sowing time: Short and medium duration varieties are most suitable. First fortnight of June (1- 15 June) is optimum for direct sowing of parmal rice varieties like PR 126, PR 114, PR 121, PR 122, PR 127 and, second fortnight of June (15- 30 June) is optimum for basmati rice varieties like Pusa Basmati1121Pusa Basmati 1509 and Pusa Basmati 1718. 

Seed and seed treatment: Use 8 kg seed (maximum 10 kg) per acre. Use of more seed will result in more dense plant population which will restrict the air flow leading to greater incidence of diseases like sheath blight and higher percent of empty grains. Before sowing, soak seed in 10 liters of water for 8 hours (maximum 12 hours), dry in shade and treat with fungicide.

Method of sowing: Prefer ‘Lucky Seed Drill’, which does sowing and spray of herbicide simultaneously or use inclined plate rice seed drill and spray herbicide immediately after sowing. If these machines are not available, and keeping in view the present scenario, modify zero till drill or happy seeder by partially closing the pistols of fertilizer box or by replacing the gear of fertilizer box having double or more number of teeth and set the lever in a position that 16-20 seed falls in one meter row.

Irrigation: Apply first irrigation at 21 days after sowing.

For more details, please contact:
Dr. Makhan Singh Bhullar (9872811350); Dr. Jasvir Singh Gill (7986188110)