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Banana Variety Dwarf Cavendish (AAA)

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10 December 2023, New Delhi: It is a popular commercial cultivar grown extensively for table and processing purposes in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar, and West Bengal.

It is also popular in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. ‘Basrai’ is the leading commercial variety of the Cavendish group and is a leading commercial variety of Maharashtra. The plant stature is Dwarf making it less prone to wind damage. The bunch size, the fruit length, and size are quite good though the keeping quality is rather poor.

The average bunch weight with 6-7 hands and with about 13 fruits per hand is about 15-25 kg. The thick rind of the fruits retains to some extent the greenish color even when the fruits are ripe. Gandevi selection known as ‘Hanuman’ or ‘Padarre’ is gaining importance despite its longer crop duration. The selection yields bunches weighing 55-60 kg. Performs well under light soils with high inputs. In combination with high-density planting and drip irrigation, Dwarf Cavendish is becoming a highly successful cultivar. It is highly susceptible to Sigatoka leaf spot disease in humid tropics restricting its commercial cultivation.

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