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Arrival of soybean in Mandsour Mandi improves; average rate lower than last year but above MSP

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19 September 2022, New Delhi: In a normal Kharif season, the sowing of soybean is completed across Madhya Pradesh with in a span of 7-15 days. The soybean crop this year was sown over a period of 30 days due to scattered rainfall across the state of Madhya Pradesh. This will result in an increased arrival period in mandis for the current year.

The total soybean sown in Madhya Pradesh is in 50.18 lakh hectares which is about 4 lakh hectares less than last year. The total soybean sown across India is about 120.37 lakh hectare in the current Kharif season.

The market rate of soybean has started to go up as the arrival of the crop remains stable. The top 7 mandis in Madhya Pradesh where there is increased arrival of soybean are Mandsour, Betul, Khandwa, Dewas, Badnawar, Ujjain and Ratlam.

The average price remained at Rs 5149/Quintal across these markets with a maximum price of Rs 5468/Quintal and a minimum of Rs 3940/quintal. The minimum support for soybean declared by the government for the year 2022-23 is Rs 4300/quintal which is an increase of Rs 350/quintal of last year. Overall with limited arrival in mandis, the prices have remained above MSP.

The prices seem to be low when compared to last year as the arrival of soybean for the corresponding week last year remained lower than current year’s level. The Average prices went to about Rs 7948/quintal and Minimum was Rs 3701/quintal last year this week.

Madhya Pradesh Soybean Mandi Rate

MarketToday PriceLast WeekLast MonthLast Year
Mandsour5075 (Mx:5400 Mn:4720)5820 (Mx:6235 Mn:5400)5940 (Mx:10001 Mn:4650)
Betul5275 (Mx:5350 Mn:4540)6125 (Mx:6195 Mn:5900)8300 (Mx:8601 Mn:4800)
Khandwa5200 (Mx:5375 Mn:4000)5151 (Mx:5252 Mn:4000)6000 (Mx:6270 Mn:4900)7500 (Mx:8300 Mn:5300)
Dewas5150 (Mx:5468 Mn:3500)4700 (Mx:5151 Mn:3500)6111 (Mx:6300 Mn:3500)9500 (Mx:9981 Mn:4500)
Badnawar5205 (Mx:5420 Mn:4000)5070 (Mx:5250 Mn:3500)6025 (Mx:6220 Mn:4900)
Ujjain5150 (Mx:5431 Mn:2000)6240 (Mx:6271 Mn:2580)8800 (Mx:9125 Mn:3701)
Ratlam5000 (Mx:5420 Mn:3906)5000 (Mx:5250 Mn:3600)5905 (Mx:6220 Mn:5300)8700 (Mx:9827 Mn:5500)
A lot5110 (Mx:5200 Mn:4500)
Mahidpur5176 (Mx:5296 Mn:4300)5100 (Mx:7171 Mn:3550)6025 (Mx:6201 Mn:5701)6900.25 (Mx:7711.25 Mn:5112)
Madhya Pradesh Soybean Mandi Rate

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