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Report on NSW Rice Vesting Arrangements

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26 September 2022, AU: The Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) has been commissioned by the NSW Government to prepare an independent report on NSW rice vesting arrangements.

As part of its decision to extend rice vesting arrangements for rice grown in the NSW to 30 June 2027, the NSW Government announced it would commission an independent report to consider the issues identified in the NSW 2021 Rice Vesting Review.

The NSW 2021 Rice Vesting Review found that there was no conclusive evidence of net benefits to growers or the community from these vesting arrangements, but that there continues to be strong support for vesting arrangements from some industry stakeholders.

The ABARES report will deliver an assessment of the key issues identified in the NSW 2021 Rice Vesting Review and make recommendations to the NSW Government on future regulatory and governance arrangements for the NSW rice industry.

Stakeholders will be able to engage with ABARES through a series of regionally based public workshops, and through a call for written submissions.

For further information on the ABARES review, including stakeholder engagement, please visit the ABARES website.

ABARES will deliver its report to the NSW Minister of Agriculture by 30 May 2023.

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