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India’s decision to ban the export of non-basmati rice created a worldwide uproar

29 July 2023, New Delhi: The Indian government’s decision to ban non-basmati rice has raised concerns all over the world, as India’s rice has a major share of the international market. Therefore, due to this decision of the Government of India, the price of rice has increased a lot all over the world. Troubled by this, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asked India to reconsider the ban on non-basmati rice. 

Although nothing has been said officially on this, the request for non-basmati rice to be sold from the government to the government can be considered. India exports its rice to the countries of West Africa as a major supplier. Keeping these countries in mind, the government can consider its decision, because India is the main supplier there. 

Effect of ban on the World

India accounts for more than 40 percent of global rice exports. India exports non-basmati rice to more than 140 countries across the world. India’s rice shipment in 2022 was more than the combined shipments of the next four big exporters of the grain, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, and the US. But now due to the embargo, Gulf importers are meeting their requirements from countries like Vietnam, Pakistan, and Thailand.

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