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1.21 Million Rural Households in China Benefit from Farm Machinery Subsidies in 2020

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03 August 2020, Beijing: As of July 31, 2020, China has allocated 11.48 billion yuan to farm machinery subsidies this year, supporting 1.21 million rural households in their purchase of some 1.41 million pieces (sets) of farming machines and tools. 

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The program for farm machinery subsidies was launched by MARA and the Ministry of Finance. The supporting policies from the competent agricultural and financial departments at various levels have focused on the following three areas: 

First, China gives priority to growers of key staple crops and pig farmers or producers. As of July 31, 2020, a total of 195,700 tractors, 484,300 pieces of farmland preparation machines, 87,200 seeder, 47,300 paddy transplanters and 33,900 combine harvesters were purchased with the help of government subsidies nationwide, thus effectively promoting mechanization in production and harvest operation for early rice and wheat.   

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Facilitating a recovery in hog production

Competent departments at various levels have incorporated more hog production machines and tools into the scope of provincial subsidies, including those for automatic feeding, environmental control, disease prevention and control, and waste disposal equipment. With the subsidy, a total of 58,600 units (sets) of hog production machinery were purchased, thereby facilitating a recovery in hog production.  

Second, the subsidy policy targets supporting distinctive industries in poverty-stricken areas. Tea color sorters, tea conveyors and five other types of equipment were added to the list of items eligible for purchase with subsidies. Efforts were made to ensure that the pilot project for subsidized purchases of new-type agricultural machinery as well as other supporting measures could be rolled out in all poverty-stricken areas. In the first half of the year, 67,500 pieces of tea, fruit and edible mushroom processing machines were purchased with the help of government subsidies. 

Third, competent departments at various levels have taken measures to streamline subsidy application. A national online platform for filing for agricultural machinery subsidies was launched, enabling agricultural machinery manufacturers to upload details about subsidized machines and tools. This one-stop service platform has greatly improved the efficiency.

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