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Spring barley varieties for your farm and chosen end market

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28 January 2021, UK: Whether it’s a quality barley for brewing, malt distilling or grain distilling, or an out and out yielding feed, Syngenta has a spring barley for you.  We are the only breeder in the UK to have a variety that fits every market.  Here’s a quick summary of spring barley varieties available from Syngenta this year, and their key markets and attributes:

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Laureate is the biggest variety across the whole of the UK with Full MBC Approval for brewing and malt distilling.

There are also multiple contracts available for low and moderate N.

Second highest yielding variety with Full MBC Approval for brewing and malt distilling

Very consistent disease resistance and untreated yields, remaining high after 4 years on the Recommended List (RL) 2021/22

Moderate maturity (+1) suitable for England and Scotland



The only MBC Approved variety for grain distilling with high N contracts available. Check for your local available contracts.

  • The earliest maturing variety on the RL 2021/22
  • Excellent resistance to Rhynchosporium
  • Good straw characteristics, which can hold up under higher nitrogen applications


The top yielding variety with potential for brewing and malt distilling

Provisional MBC Approval for brewing and malt distilling – some contracts will be available but ensure you check locally

The highest yielding malting barley in the North

Fantastic grain quality with high specific weight


High yielding malting barley with potential for brewing

Provisional MBC Approval for brewing – some contracts will be available but ensure you check locally

Unbelievably consistent over every region and every year tested

Fantastic specific weight and straw characteristics – a good feed and grassweed supressing option

Feed barley

Although no longer on the AHDB RL for 2021/22, Syngenta has two feed barley options which still maintain their place in the market.

For a Scottish feed barley with excellent grain quality and high straw yields, WAGGON is still a great option. 

If you are looking for a feed variety with stiff straw, robust disease resistance and good specific weight then SCHOLAR could be the variety for you.

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