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PM calls for Vietnam to become an agriculture powerhouse

31 December 2020, Vietnam: Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged concerted efforts to turn Vietnam into an agriculture powerhouse with a modern and effective farm produce processing industry during a conference between the Government and localities in Hanoi on December 29.

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The PM said the Government set the goal of posting growth of around 6.5 percent or above next year and preparing the groundwork for higher growth from 2022.

He assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Government Office, ministries, and agencies to collect opinions at the event.

Reviewing socio-economic performance for 2020 and 2016-2020, the PM stressed that the dual goal has been accomplished while progress has been seen in socio-cultural development and administrative reform. National defence-security has been ensured, with success in external relations.

With the 2021 action theme of “Unity, discipline, innovation and creativity, aspiration for development”, he said the Government advocated renewing mindsets, taking more drastic and effective action, overcoming the difficulties, turning challenges into opportunities, and making good use of achievements brought about by Industry 4.0, the shifting trends in trade and investment, and digital transformation in the region and the world.

Regarding future orientations, the leader called for the further upholding of cultural values and the power of the Vietnamese people, inspiring patriotism and an aspiration for development, and striving to maintain a vibrant and creative economy for rapid, stable and sustainable growth.

Highlighting the need for maintaining macroeconomic stability, improving growth quality and stepping up economic restructuring, he underlined the role of breakthroughs in infrastructure and national governance reform. Localities were urged to prepare sites for production development and human resources to welcome new capital flows.