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Valent U.S.A. Announces New Zeltera™ Rice System for Fall Season

New seed protection solution brings Southern rice growers next-level defense to protect yield

14 September 2020, San Ramon, CA: Valent U.S.A. is excited to bring Southern rice growers Zeltera™ Rice System – a new solution providing above-ground and below-ground rice seed protection. With new technology for advanced protection from Rhizoctonia, Zeltera Rice System protects plant roots from damaging seed decay, seedling blight and damping off to deliver strong early- and late-season stand establishment and plant vigor.  

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Zeltera Rice System has a chain reaction effect for plant success,” says Will Griffin, seed protection brand manager for Valent. “The plant is quickly protected, due to its high xylem mobility, helping the plant establish a strong, healthy root system for better access to nutrients all season long. In field trials, we are consistently seeing strong early and late stand establishment and improved root health.”

Zeltera Rice System features four active ingredients, including a powerful new fungicide, INDIFLIN®, the trademark name of inpyrfluxam recently registered by the EPA.  The system is designed to protect the plant from disease and allow it to establish strong root systems. By preserving the integrity of the roots, the plant can draw up more nutrients and water, resulting in improved early and later stand establishment and vigor.

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In addition to a powerful new fungicide, Zeltera Rice System brings proven early-season protection against a wide spectrum of insect pests, including grape colaspis, rice water weevil and chinch bug. Zeltera Rice System provides reliable and effective complete seed protection for Southern rice growers.

Zeltera Rice System will be available this fall and is the first product in a new portfolio of seed treatment solutions in development from Valent U.S.A. Additional Zeltera brand seed protection products will be launched across multiple crops beginning in crop year 2022.