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New Profectus™ Feeds Trial Results in $127 in Savings Per Head

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23 November 2023, US: After years of rigorous research, FBN® is excited to launch Profectus™ Feeds, a revolutionary approach to feedlot nutrition. With this launch, producers can drive optimized performance and profitability by balancing amino acids to the energy in the diet.

In a recent trial of FBN Profectus Feeds vs. a conventional diet, the producer made $23,090 more from Profectus-fed calves compared to the control, realizing a total savings of $127.82** per head.

Profectus Feed Trial Details

FBN recently conducted a commercial feeding trial with 335 head of Angus-Holstein cross calves in Southwest Minnesota. The trial included two treatment groups, which were fed: 

  • FBN Profectus diet 
  • A conventional ration balanced for NEg and crude protein. 

The FBN fed calves had an average weight of 206 lbs. and the control calves had an average weight of 208 lbs. Distribution of heifers and steers were within 1% of each other. Calves were on feed an average of 382 days, growing from an average of 207 lbs on arrival to 1400 lbs.

Profectus Feed Trial Results 

Over the course of the trial, FBN diet increased average hot carcass weight by 22 lbs. versus the conventional diet. Profectus fed calves had improved average daily gain of 0.2 lbs., making a heavier hot carcass in fewer days.

The FBN diet reduced the days on feed, allowing 2 pot loads to be marketed 3 weeks before the first control diet.

ControlFBN CalvesThe Difference
ADG (lbs/day) lbs/day
Carcass Weight861 lbs883 lbs22 lbs
Average DOF38937514 days
Feed:Gain5.7 lbs5.5 lbs.2 lbs
DMI17.18 lbs17.75 lbs.57 lbs/day
Mortality Rate10%5%
Feed Your ROI with Profectus Feeds

With new Profectus supplements, producers can: 

  • Improve Feed Efficiency: Reduce cost of gain with feed efficiency improvements ranging 5-15% from balancing amino acids to energy.
  • Increase Profit Potential: Enhance throughput with improved average daily gains and uniform growth with proven, $125+* per head of increased profit potential.
  • Enhance Digestive Health: Limit rumen problems, such as acidosis and bloat, by reducing overconsumption from high-starch grains.

Learn more about Profectus and book a free consultation with a member of the FBN Nutrition Team here.

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