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Bean trials reveal outstanding Elatus Era performance

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06 August 2021, UK: Pre-harvest monitoring of field bean disease trials in the eastern counties have shown a step change advance in control with the new Syngenta Elatus Era fungicide treatment.

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Field bean trial - Rougham 2021 Elatus Era fb Amistar

Replicated plot research at the Rougham Innovation Centre, in Suffolk, has shown a significant increase in control with the new Elatus Era treatment programmes, available for next season, compared to two spray treatments of current options, reported the site’s Syngenta Business Manager, Mike Welby. (Elatus Era fb Amistar, above, compared to 2 x boscalid + pyraclostrobin, below).

Field bean trial - Rougham 2021 2 x boscalid

“Disease pressure has been incredibly high, with early rust infection during the dry period, followed by chocolate spot as conditions have turned wetter and more humid” he reported.

“Untreated plots have been decimated with almost total leaf loss, whilst all the Elatus Era treated plots have stood out as remaining green and largely free from disease for far longer.”

Bean rust and chocolate spot

“There has been a clear beneficial response from higher rates of application, along with the timing of application and the options selected for follow up treatments,” he advised.

Mike Welby

In terms of assessed disease control and green leaf retention, Mike (above) highlighted the application of Elatus Era at a rate of 0.66 l/ha at the earlier T1 timing, followed by Amistar at the T2 timing has given the best results.

Find out more about Elatus Era for beans

“This is possibly the clearest results from a field bean disease trial I have ever seen,” he added. 

Yield results following harvest will provide a clear indication of the optimum rate and programme to deliver growers the best margins for treatments next season, he advocated. Further Elatus Era and bean disease trials have been undertaken at Innovation Centres and by the PGRO this year.       

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