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China: The business environment for various agricultural business entities continues to optimize

30 December 2023, China: In recent years, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has conscientiously studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on continuously optimizing the business environment and the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, focused on key efforts, implemented detailed measures, continuously improved the level of government services, and provided services for all types of businesses. Business entities participate in rural revitalization and the construction of an agricultural power to create a good investment and entrepreneurial environment.

Promote the reform of the examination and approval system in depth. Administrative licensing matters continue to be streamlined, with a cumulative reduction of nearly 50% in ministerial-level implementation matters, 30% cancellation and adjustment of designated local implementation matters, full coverage list management of enterprise-related business licensing matters under the “separation of licenses and licenses” reform, and a notification and commitment system for 97 certification matters. . In-depth implementation of the activities of “reducing materials, reducing links, reducing time limits, and optimizing approval services” can save applicants more than 10 million yuan in travel, printing, mailing and other expenses every year. Establish a system of pesticide registration information officers and veterinary drug administrative licensing liaison officers, actively “set up road signs” for enterprises with legal production and operation, and effectively reduce costs and increase convenience for enterprises.

Continuously improve the efficiency of examination and approval services. Promote the electronic administration of the entire administrative review and approval process, and improve the depth and quality of online services. All licensing matters can be handled online, and 50% of the matters are fully electronic. Accelerate the formulation of relevant standards for electronic licenses and the construction of electronic license and electronic seal systems, and release 12 standards for high-frequency use of electronic licenses. It handles more than 100,000 administrative license applications every year.

Continuously open up capital investment channels. Compile the annual “Guidelines for Social Capital Investment in Agriculture and Rural Areas” and guide local implementation, clarify key areas of social capital investment, stimulate the vitality of social capital investment, and standardize social capital investment behavior. Continue to improve the credit through-train model of “operating entities directly report their needs, agricultural guarantee companies provide guarantees, and bank credit support”. More than 2.56 million agricultural operating entities have submitted credit applications and information verification services, and financial institutions have granted more than 1.35 million credits. The credit amount is 313.661 billion yuan. We have innovatively carried out the construction of a financing project library, accumulating a total of 25,113 agricultural and rural infrastructure construction projects such as modern facility agriculture, with a total investment of 2.03 trillion yuan, of which 18,331 loans and credits have been obtained, with a credit scale of 399.793 billion yuan.

We will vigorously support enterprises to reduce their burdens and provide relief. Strictly implement the administrative fee reduction and exemption policy, and resolutely prevent the continued collection or disguised collection of fee items after the cancellation, and the increase of fee standards. We must do a good job in cleaning up the accounts owed to private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, verify them step by step, and consolidate responsibilities at every level, and strictly prevent new accounts in arrears. Strengthen the management of bidding and tendering in the field of rural construction, clarify that except for projects that must be tendered according to law, enterprises are allowed to use inquiry procurement, negotiation procurement, bidding procurement, direct procurement and other methods for procurement, and support projects such as village construction and work-for-relief projects to adopt flexible methods Carry out subcontracting.

Actively deepen the opening up of agriculture to the outside world. Implement the “Administrative Measures for the Agricultural Opening-up Cooperation Pilot Zone (Trial)”, support the pilot zone’s reform and innovation, pioneering trials, and promote regional agricultural investment and trade and the development of advantageous industrial clusters by drawing on international experience. Cooperate with the revision of the catalog of industries that encourage foreign investment and continue to expand the scope of opening up in the agricultural field. Establish a communication mechanism for agriculture-related foreign investment to respond to enterprise concerns in a timely manner.

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