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New agricultural business entities maintain good development momentum

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09 January 2024, China: In 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs adheres to the major strategy of accelerating the cultivation of new agricultural business entities, in-depth implementation of the action to improve new agricultural business entities, focusing on improving internal quality and external capabilities, and focusing on the development of two types of agricultural business entities: farmer cooperatives and family farms. As of the end of October, nearly 4 million family farms were included in the national family farm directory management, 2.216 million farmers’ cooperatives were registered in accordance with the law, and 15,000 joint cooperatives were formed. More than 1.07 million organizations across the country provide agricultural social services, covering an area of ​​more than 1.97 billion acres and serving more than 91 million small farmers. New agricultural business entities have maintained a good momentum of development, with steady improvement in quality and efficiency, and continued enhancement of service-driven effects.

The role of stabilizing food supply has been highlighted. Currently, there are 1.765 million grain-growing family farms and 542,000 grain-growing cooperatives across the country, accounting for 37.5% of the total number of new agricultural business entities. New agricultural business entities have developed moderate-scale operations. The average grain-growing area of ​​grain-growing family farms is 148.8 acres, and farmers’ cooperatives have land management rights and an investment area of ​​460.1 acres. New agricultural business entities actively participate in increasing the large-area yield of grain and oil crops, promote the integrated assembly and application of technology and the promotion of local ripening, and play a backbone role in stabilizing grain and expanding oil production.

The industrial structure continues to be optimized. The business of new agricultural business entities covers the production and operation of grain, cotton, oil, meat, eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables and tea. Among them, 88% of new agricultural business entities are engaged in planting and breeding. There are 217,000 family farms and 132,000 farmer cooperatives engaged in the pig industry respectively, an increase of 17.1% and 1.9% over the previous year. The number of agricultural machinery and plant protection services continues to grow, and new industries such as e-commerce, leisure agriculture, and rural tourism are engaged in The development momentum of new industrial formats is strong.

Improvement of operational service levels. The annual operating income of more than half of family farms is between 100,000 and 500,000 yuan, and the average annual net profit of each family farm is 116,000 yuan. The annual operating income of farmers’ cooperatives is 630.92 billion yuan, and each member can receive a second return of surplus of 1,460.4 yuan. Ordinary farmers account for 95.5% of the members of farmer cooperatives nationwide. Farmer cooperatives provide members with a total annual operating service value of 877.35 billion yuan, and each member enjoys cooperative purchasing and marketing services of 15,000 yuan.

The level of standardized operations has been improved. Fully implement the “one-code” management service system for family farms. 196,000 family farms across the country have been assigned a “one-code” code to achieve direct customer acquisition with “one-code identification”; develop and promote “Family Farm Notes” Free accounting software, registered with 115,000 family farms, standardizes financial revenue and expenditure and cost accounting. There are 209,000 model farmer cooperatives at the county level and above and 202,000 model family farms across the country.

The guidance service system is more complete. We launched the “Thousands of People Leading Thousands of Cooperatives” campaign and built a “National Directory of Counselors for New Agricultural Business Entities”. There are 32,258 counselors at the four levels of provinces, cities, counties and townships across the country, and nearly one-third are leaders of new agricultural business entities, agricultural technology It is composed of members, local experts, etc., and counselors at the county and township levels account for 95%.

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