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Technical guide on organic bush berry production in Kosovo published

In the frame of the SIRED project to support producers in Kosovo in the transition to organic farming, FiBL elaborated a technical guide on organic bush berry production. The 36-page English publication is available for free download in the FiBL shop.

14 November 2023, US: High market demand for organic bush berries in Europe and growing interest among Kosovar merchandisers and producers in high-bush blueberries have initiated the creation of the technical guide. The publication aims at conventional berry producers in the Balkan region interested in converting their production to organic, as well as at organic farmers seeking to expand their knowledge in berry production.

The guide provides up-to-date technical information on the production of high-quality organic bush berries, covering topics such as orchard pre-establishment planning, cropping systems, fertilisation, and pest and disease management.

The 3-year SIRED project aimed to improve the cultivation and certification of organic medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP), non-wood forest products (NWFP) and bush berries for better market access and quality. FiBL played a leading role by supporting farmers and national associations involved in organic agriculture, providing capacity development to project partners, and developing standardised training programs with international experts to boost the organic sector and market growth.

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