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Tenali Double Horse Group becomes the First South Indian Pulses and Dals brand to get Sattvik Certification

03 January 2024, New Delhi: Sattvik Certifications, the premier certification body for vegetarian, vegan, and Jain food & lifestyle, has awarded its Sattvik Vegetarian Certificate to a renowned wholesaler of pulses, dals, and instant meals “Tenali Double Horse Group” with a vision to bring excellence and trust to every household in India. Guided by a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Tenali Double Horse Group has since become a trusted name that resonates with millions. Sattvik Vegetarian Certification demonstrates Tenali Double Horse Group’s unwavering dedication to processing the best pure vegetarian products possible, which are in perfect harmony with the vegetarian principles and standards maintained by the Sattvik Council of India.

Sattvik Certifications thoroughly inspected the Tenali Double Horse Group factory, ensuring that they adhere to all the rules and regulations of the council. The certification aims to empower the manufacturer and boost its reputation among the national and international vegetarian community. This also enhances the manufacturers’ commitment to offering vegetarian options that satisfy the standards and dietary requirements of the public.

Tenali Double Horse’s General Manager, PNV Krishna Prasad, expressed his excitement, saying, “Receiving the Sattvik Vegetarian Certificate from the prestigious Sattvik Council of India is a moment of pride for Tenali Double Horse. We have always prioritized the production of pure vegetarian products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. This certification not only demonstrates our dedication to maintaining high food quality, but it also strengthens our relationship with our consumers and Nurturing Growth, Collaboration, and Fulfilment”.

As Tenali Double Horse proudly displays the Vegetarian Certification, it solidifies its position as a trusted supplier of high-quality vegetarian products. The company remains committed to working in harmony with the Sattvik Certifications to further promote and uphold the values of vegetarianism in the food industry.

Tenali Double Horse Group was praised for its unwavering commitment to vegetarian principles by Abhishek Biswas, founder of Sattvik Certifications and Secretary General of the Sattvik Council of India. “We are delighted to certify the Tenali Double Horse manufacturing units as vegetarian,” he stated. “With this certification, the company has demonstrated that it complies with our strict vegetarian standards, allowing customers to make knowledgeable decisions regarding the purity of the food they eat. We are eager to work with Tenali Double Horse Group in the future to advance vegetarianism and safe food supply chain practices.”

Sattvik Certifications aims to promote a culture of transparency in the food & lifestyle industry. They ensure that manufacturers pledge to provide vegetarian, vegan, and Jain food. This mission is consistent with Tenali Double Horse Group’s dedication to wellness and its customers’ dietary preferences. Sattvik Certifications invites guests to savour the vegetarian delights offered by the manufacturer.

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