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Nutrient management in 20-25 days old paddy crop: IARI Advisory

20 July 2023, New Delhi: Dr. YS Shiva, Scientist at Indian Agriculture Research Institute has issued an advisory to the farmers on post-transplant nutrient management in paddy crops. According to this advice, the farmers who have sown the paddy crop on time, their crop must be about 20-25 days old. These farmers have to pay attention to the main cropping activities like nutrient management in paddy crops at this time.

Nutrient management for paddy crop –

• Add 10-12 tonnes of well-decomposed cow dung to the crop at the time of transplanting.

• Use 130-140 kg of nitrogen in the crop for high-yielding or long-duration varieties.

• Add Phosphorus 50-60 kg, Potash 40-50 kg, and Zinc Sulphate 20-25 kg in paddy crop.

• At the time of the last puddling, give the entire quantity of Phosphorous in the form of Single Super Phosphate (SSP), because with Single Super Phosphate, plants get Phosphorus as well as Sulphur. Due to this both the nutrients are supplied from SSP.

• Potash should be given in the form of Muriate of Potash (MOP) in paddy crops. Apart from this, zinc sulfate should be given in the form of zinc sulfate heptahydrate.

• Nitrogen should be given after 6-8 days of transplanting so that the roots of the plants become strong and they can keep the ability to take nitrogen. In this way, divide the nitrogen into three parts. That is, the first dose of nitrogen should be given after 6-8 days of transplanting, the second dose after 25-30 days of transplanting, and the third dose after 50-60 days of transplanting.

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