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HANABI (Technical: Pyridaben 20% w/w WP)

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20 March 2024, New Delhi: Hanabi is a one of its kind acaricide in powder formulation. It has quick knockdown action against a wide spectrum of mites. Launched in collaboration with Nissan Chemical Corporation, Hanabi is being used to control mites in tea and chilli. 

Mode of Action:

This novel acaricide acts as a mitochondrial electron transport inhibitor (METI) blocking cellular respiration.

CropsTarget Pest/Disease Dose per Acre (gm/ml)
TeaRed Spider Mite200
CottonWhite fly200
ChilliRed and yellow spider mite200


1.    Quick knockdown action.

2.    Highly effective against all the stages of mite lifecycle (egg, nymph and adult) Longer duration of control.

3.    Wettable powder formulation is safer for the environment and safer for crops during peak summer months, as it doesn’t cause scorching.

PRUDENS (Technical: Pyriproxyfen 10% + Bifenthrin 10% EC)

Prudens is a combination of an Insect Growth Regulator and a pyrethroid. The combination product offers multi-action control of whitefly pests in cotton crops. It directly kills the nymphal stage of the pest as well as inhibits the reproductive capacity of the adult pest due to the growth regulating activity of Pyriproxyfen. Adding Bifenthrin, leads to the knock-down kill of adult whitefly pest, thus giving complete control at all stages of whitefly. It also prevents further buildup of the pest

Mode of Action:

It is a contact and stomach insecticide which mimics juvenile hormones and acts on sodium channel modulators.

CropsTarget Pest/Disease Dose per Acre (gm/ml)
CottonWhite fly240


1.    Prudens is a new generation combination of broad-spectrum insecticide and Insect Growth Regulator (IGR).

2.    It controls all three stages of whitefly – egg, nymph and adult.

3.    Due to its translaminar activity, it can kill the insects present at the bottom of the leaf.

4.    It has a phytotonic effect and improves plant vigour.

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