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GSP Crop Science wins patent for its Insecticide Formulation to combat whitefly insects

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06 September 2022, New Delhi: GSP Crop Science, a leader in the agrochemical business and India’s first company to develop the SE formulation in its R&D centre, gets an exclusive patent for its synergistic suspo-emulsion formulation of Pyriproxifen and Diafenthiuron (branded GSP SLR 525 SE Formulation) by the Office of the Controller General of Patents.

GSP SLR 525 SE Formulation (suspo-emulsion formulation of Pyriproxifen and Diafenthiuron)

The Controller of Patents and Designs issued an order in favour of GSP Crop Science for its insecticide formulation which would control the deadly effect of whitefly insects in the country. GSP Crop Science is the first Indian agrochemical company to manufacture Diafenthiuron technical locally in India, and has also been exporting to various countries. GSP is also the first to produce this unique combination of Diafenthiuron + Pyriproxifen in an SE formulation.

Whiteflies have been a cause for direct and indirect damage of yield in agriculture, horticulture and forestry crop plants, hence, has become a major cause of concern for the agriculture sector of the country.

GSP’s new insecticide formulation SLR 525 SE is a trusted brand among farmers and the first choice for control of the deadly whitefly insect pest. It controls and manages effectively all life stages of the deadly whitefly pest which has devastated cotton. It is effective on the plant surface due to its fast and evenly spreading and translaminar action. Being a water-based solution, it eliminates the harmful effects of solvents used in EC formulation on the environment.

On winning this patent, Bhavesh Shah, Managing Director, GSP Crop Science Pvt Ltd, said, “After almost eight years of blood, sweat and tears with the help of our R&D and Legal team, GSP has been granted a patent for a combination product that will be of great advantage to the farmers. Our product SLR 525 which helps fight pest attack of whitefly in vegetables and cotton in all stages is the first of its kind in the Indian market. We project this molecule to generate revenue of almost Rs. 400 crores yearly within the next few years. We expect the market for this product to grow even further.”

Mr Shah believes that GSP Crop Science can massively grow its market share of this whitefly business in Fiscal Year 22-23.

With a financial turnover of Rs 1200 crore annually and four manufacturing units in Gujarat and Jammu & Kashmir, GSP Crop Science has more than 70 branded products which gets marketed through a network of 5,000 distributors, over 30,000 dealers and 34 depots in India and exports to 25 countries.

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