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Godrej Agrovet launches new chilli pesticide Rashinban in India

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01 November 2023, New Delhi: Godrej Agrovet Limited (GAVL) has announced the launch of an advanced pest control product Rashinban (Technical: Fluxametamide 3.8 + Pyridaben 9.5% SC) in India. With the patent chemistry discovered and developed by Japan’s Nissan Chemical Corporation, Rashinban is being launched first time globally in India through collaboration with GAVL to protect the Chilli crops during the flowering stage. 

Rajavelu NK, CEO of Crop Protection Business, GAVL, said, ″Following the launch of Gracia in 2022, our ‘Start with Gracia’ campaign enabled farmers to proactively protect their seedlings. However, during our field visits and discussions with the farmers, it was brought to our notice that crops continued to get wiped out due to invasive pests. To address the same, we decided to launch Rashinban. Effective on the broader spectrum of pests, both sucking as well as chewing types, it eliminates the need for multiple insecticides and reduces the frequency of sprays. Hence if used at the flowering stage, it will not only protect the key economic part of the Chilli farmer but also assure better yield at later stages for them.″

High Pest Infestation

India, a global Chilli capital, accounts for almost 36 percent of total production globally. However, 80 percent of Chilli crops get damaged at the nascent stage because of pests (Thrips, Leps, Hoppers, and Mites) that continue to create havoc for the farmers. GAVL, through the launch of Rashinban, which provides quick knockdown of a wide range of pests in Chilli in a single shot during the flowering stage, endeavors to help farmers fight the pests effectively. This will help increase yields by pest-free cropping.

India, renowned as the land of spices, is at the forefront of global spice production and contributes significantly to its rich culinary culture and the world spice market. The country’s dominance in the spice world is particularly evident in its production of Chillies. With India’s spice industry poised for continued growth, the launch of Rashinban is a significant step toward ensuring the prosperity of Indian Chilli farmers and preserving India’s position as a global spice leader.

Balram Singh Yadav, Managing Director, GAVL, commented, ″Through our partnership with Nissan Chemical Corporation, our endeavour is to introduce solutions that uplift and prosper Indian farming families. Our new product Rashinban is recommended specifically for the active flowering stage of Chilli plants to provide holistic efficacy. Along with the already existing products, Hanabi and Gracia, the addition of Rashinban in the portfolio will enable us to serve the entire value chain of Chilli crop. We are certain that the launch of Rashinban will help aid India’s contribution to the global Chilli market scale to greater heights.″

Dr. Rajkumar Yadav, Managing Director of Nissan Chemical Corporation (India), expressed his views about the partnership with GAVL, stating, ″We are delighted to collaborate with GAVL for the global-first launch of Rashinban and contribute to the company’s endeavor to uplift Indian farming families. Rashinban is another result of our efforts to support the growth and sustainability of Indian agriculture. We are confident that like our previous products, Rashinban will be widely adopted by the farming community.″

Burjis Godrej, Executive Director and COO of Crop Protection Business, GAVL said, ″At GAVL, our mission is to bring forth innovative solutions tailored to the Indian market. Chilli farmers today need to ensure that their crop receives the right quantity of nutrients at the right time across the crop’s growth cycle and is free from abiotic stress to ensure a high-quality yield. And it is herein that we continue to launch innovative solutions and educate farmers on the importance of leveraging our wide range of products for pest control and subsequent integration of appropriate measures.″

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